Faculty Development

Here is a snapshot of my recent work in faculty development at Wake Forest University.

  • I am currently serving on the English Department’s Diversity Action Committee, led by Erica Still. We are in the early stages of developing opportunities for faculty to build community around antiracist teaching and research.   
  • Over the summer of 2020 and into the fall semester, I was Interdisciplinary Peer Facilitator for Online Education, one of 65 faculty chosen to lead university wide peer-to-peer learning communities (PLCs) for WFU faculty. I helped Wake’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching organize the PLCs and I continue to work with the Center.

    As Peer Facilitator, I designed a multi-week workshop to support faculty as they designed their online courses. We focused on course content (inclusive online pedagogy) and Canvas (using Zoom, Hypothesis, Google Docs, Modules, Discussions, and Speedgrader). Prior to our group sessions, I participated in a four-week workshop that prepared Facilitators to lead their groups.

  • In October, 2019, I facilitated a faculty workshop, entitled, “Peer Review Workshop and Collaboration for College Students” through the Center for the Advancement of Teaching. I drew on my own qualitative research on peer review to support a larger conversation about what peer review looks like across disciplines and classrooms.