Scholarship & News

I have a chapter on peer review/feedback in Developing Writers in Higher Education: A Longitudinal Study (University of Michigan Press, 2019), edited by Anne Ruggles Gere. 9780472901036 developing writingsIt will soon be available in digital form, but you can also pre-order paper or hardcover here! From the Press webpage: “This volume draws on an in-depth study of the writing and experiences of 169 University of Michigan undergraduates, using statistical analysis of 322 surveys, qualitative analysis of 131 interviews, use of corpus linguistics on 94 electronic portfolios and 2,406 pieces of student writing, and case studies of individual students to trace the multiple paths taken by student writers.”

I am currently working with Mellisa Huffman and Kaitlin Clinnin on a textbook for peer review/feedback. More soon!

Come check out my panel “Identity, Disability, and Time: New Theoretical Orientations for Undergraduate Peer Review Performances” at CCCC 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA. Michelle LaFrance will be respondent.

Looking forward to MLA 2018 in New York City. “Teaching the Fragments: English Education, Democracy, and Digital Media.”

Happy to announce that I’ll be presenting with Aubrey Schiavone and Melody Pugh at CCCC 2018 in Kansas City. Our panel will be chaired by Krista Ratcliffe.

I’m excited to present my research at LangRhet’s graduate student conference at the University of Michigan (Oct 21 and 22). Sami Schalk and Amy Vidali will be the keynote speakers.

Excited to present my work on equity in peer review at the Council of Writing Program Administrators in Knoxville, Tennessee (July 20-23). The working title of my presentation is “I didn’t want to keep asking, Do you know what I mean? Do you get it?”: Peer review as Linguistic and Cultural Contact Zone.

Check out my latest research project with University of Michigan’s Sweetland Center for Writing. Our article, “Mutual Adjustments: Learning From and Responding to Transfer Student Writers,” appears in the March 2017 edition of College English.

I’m honored to be presenting my research on linguistic and cultural diversity in peer review at the CCCC Convention in Portland, Oregon (March 15-18, 2017). My presentation, “‘Feedback Looks Different’: Ideologies of Difference in Peer Response Groups at an Elite, Predominantly White Institution” is part of a panel entitled, Haunted by (Linguistic) Difference: Perceptions of Authority in the Classroom and Writing Center. Join us Friday, March 17, 11 am.

 Anti-racist writing pedagogy is a major part of my research agenda. I was very happy to be invited to share this work at the University of Michigan Tutor Summit. My talk “The Anti-racist Peer Tutor: Tracing Unconscious Bias in Conversations about Writing,” drew connections between racism and forms of linguistic discrimination that are always present to some degree in all interactions, but are of special concern when people interact about writing and language.