My teaching is informed by genre studies and critical discourse analysis, with the goal of helping students cultivate their existing sense of genre/disciplinary awareness, develop an appreciation for linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as neurodiversity, and encounter an intersectional approach to identity and literacy. Peer review also plays a major role in my courses.

In addition to my current work at Wake Forest University, I have taught composition, professional writing, and creative writing in a variety of contexts:

  • University of Michigan: Eng 125: Writing and Academic Inquiry; Eng 225: Academic Argumentation; Eng 229: Professional Writing.
  • UC Berkeley: R1A: Accelerated Reading and Composition
  • Holy Names University: Education 297: Professional/Academic Writing Practicum
  • National University: Writing Center Consultant
  • UC Irvine: 39B: Critical Reading and Rhetoric; 39C: Argument and Research; and creative writing: Intro to Poetry Writing and Intermediate Poetry Writing
  • UC Irvine Poetry Academy: Creative Writing for 3rd and 4th graders